Summer internships

Looking for a summer job or internship in research?

For available positions, see the announcement at "Available jobs". If the postions are not announced yet, you can register your interest here and we will update you as soon as the postions are made available.


A summer intern applicant needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a field of interest, no specific grade requirements as far as CV but these are competitive positions, so mention of distinguishing achievements is highly encouraged.

Summer Internships at Simula Research Laboratory 

Simula is annualy seeking talented students for summer internships in the fields of Communication Systems, Software Engineering, and Scientific Computing. In addition, we are looking for students with competences and interests in innovation and business development.

We can offer exciting work tasks in close collaboration with world class research groups, excellent working conditions, and competitive salaries. The summer interns are expected to participate in creating a fun working environment, build future networks, and help each other out when needed.