Current projects

Simula Innovation is currently involved in different projects that aim to promote regional innovation, and to strengthen cooperation and the flow of knowledge between R&D and trade and industry. 

The VRI programme

VRI is the Norwegian Research Council's main support mechanism for research and innovation in the Norwegian regions. The primary goal for VRI is to encourage innovation, knowledge development, and value creation through regional cooperation and a strengthened research and development effort within and for the regions. Simula Innovation holds the role as coordinator of the ICT initiative in the Oslo and Akershus area. As part of this project, Simula Innovation's goals are to:

  • help regional companies to find suitable research expertise for their development needs

  • facilitate interaction and sharing of competence between companies and R&D players in networking events

  • encourage companies to increase their R&D investment through pre-project funding

Read more (in Norwegian) about the ICT initiative within the VRI programme at Simula Innovation here.


The HIT network 

HIT (Hovedstadsområdets nettverk for IT-styring og ledelse) is a network consisting of software professionals, clients, researchers and educators from companies and organisations located in the Oslo-region. The goal of the network is to share and build competence in delivering successful IT projects. The focus of the network is on IT-management.

Representatives at Simula are founders and administrators of the HIT-network. The network’s direction and activities, such as seminars, experience collection and sharing, are managed by a core group of members.

You can read more about the network and the activites at the HIT networks' web site.

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