Spinout companies

Kalkulo AS is an advanced programming house with PhD-level programmers. The company creates tailed software solutions in the oil, energy and health care sectors, and has over the years developed a toolkit for rapid software development of advanced visualization software. They combine years of product development experience with high professional standards to create stable, efficient and user-friendly solutions tailored to suit the customer’s needs. The CEO of the company is Bjørn Albert Rasmussen.

Fabriscale Technologies AS aims to commercialize a fast, fault-tolerant and network agnostic fabric manager for InfiniBand networks. The fabric manager will have several unique features compared to existing products, including fast fault-tolerance, distributed subnet management, and topology-agnostic routing. The company was founded in September 2014. The CEO of the company is Sven-Arne Reinemo.

ForzaSys AS is commercialising interactive video technologies for the purpose of increasing sports fan engagement. The company was founded in June 2014.

Expert Analytics AS is a software consultancy company founded by two former Simula researchers and Python programming experts. It is developing software for high-demanding customers. The company was founded in July 2013. The CEO of the company is Åsmund Ødegård.

Celerway Communications AS spun out of the network systems department at Simula after several years of research and development. The company commercializes a software platform that accelerates broadband communication over one or more broadband modems or phones. Their first product is a router for demanding mobile broadband customers. The technology can also be integrated into smartphones and apps. The CEO of the company is Audun Fosselie Hansen.

Labo Mixed Realities AS are working on a visualisation technology that will make it possible for filmmakers to preview digital effects on set. The aim is to heighten the efficiency of postproduction work considerably. The CEO of the company is Magne Eimot.

Expertware AS develops tools and offers services to improve planning of software development and maintenance, to improve cost estimation practices, and to measure, analyze and improve projects and processes. Its main product, EstimationWeb, is an online service that streamlines the estimation of development effort and business value so that optimal release plans can be maintained in agile development projects. The CEO and founder of the company is Hans Christian Benestad.

Testify AS is a test automation consulting company. The company helps organizations implement and evaluate solutions for smarter testing of business critical systems, customized to the specific challenges of each development project. Unlike traditional testing and quality assurance processes in which testing is mostly manual and therefore extremely resource intensive and unstructured, Testify streamlines the testing process through automated test design, execution and evaluation. Testify solutions include risk-driven testing using automatic fault prediction, model-based testing, and automatic test case/oracle generation and execution. The CEO of the company is Erik Arisholm.

Symphonical AS operates two web applications (symphonical.com and someone.io) that help people organize and orchestrate their projects at work or in their personal life. The company aims to simplify project management and task planning for teams, or people, that need to collaborate over the Internet. The CEO of the company is Lasse Ailu Søberg.

Edgefolio AS is Simula's first investment in a company founded by a member of The Simula Garage (Gründergarasjen). Founded in August 2013 by a former trainee at Sector Asset Management, the company aims to become the biggest online platform for hedge funds and investors in such funds. The goal of the company is to disrupt how alternative investment products are sold, by allowing the interaction between investor and fund to happen in a scalable and non-invasive way. The company will help increase the efficiency of capital raising for hedge funds, whilst providing a transparent and sophisticated search and analysis tool for prospective investors. The CEO of the company is Leopold Gasteen.

IMERSO AS created a software that turns mobile devices into 3D scanners. Like shooting a video, Imerso delivers an accurate 3D reconstruction of interior spaces within seconds. The company targets the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, where site-surveying is still dominantly done through manual methods. Imerso’s mission is to make Reality Capture a more available and affordable technology than ever before. The team consists of software engineers, IT researchers and business developers. The CEO of the company is Frederico Valente

Radytek Sp. z o.o. is a joint venture between Simula and two of its spin-out companies; Testify and Celerway Communication. Located in Wrocław, Poland, the company creates tailored software solutions within mobile telecommunications, network systems and software testing. The managing director of the company is Patryk Chamuczyński.