Communication Systems

Tackling cornerstones of communications-related research and aiming to improve societal communication robustness.

The research field of networks and communications systems is at Simula represented by four departments: Networks, Media, Cloud and Security. These four research groups each tackle a cornerstone of communication research, and are united in the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA), headed by Professor Olav Lysne.

The overall goal of the research in this field at Simula is to provide excellent solutions that will improve the societal robustness of our networks and communications. Every time we as a society create an innovation that takes advantage of our communication systems in any way, we also create a new opportunity for vulnerability in the event that the network breaks down. Therefore it is important to form a collaborational research unit to tackle the different aspects of network-related research activity. The purpose of unifying all activity within this research field into a section is to collect Simula's network-related research into one holistic venture. Academically and organisationally, the Communication Systems section aims to ensure that there is a sound concordance between the different research departments, and that they are all working in the same direction. 

Communications research and the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA)

Since 2006, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication has funded a large research project at Simula that worked on the robustness of telecommunication networks. Since then Simula has expanded and diversified its communcation-related research, and in 2013, we were informed that this research project was turned into a permanent centre, which became the CRNA. The new centre has a well-defined mandate, which includes responsibilities for maintaining a research infrastructure measuring the state of the Norwegian telecommunications infrastructure, doing basic and long-term research based on the data sets obtained from it, and publishing annual reports on the measured robustness of Norwegian telecommunications. The research in Communication Systems at Simula Research Laboratory is done through the Centre for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA). The Centre, which encompasses the entire Section for Communication Systems in addition to a research initiative at the University of Oslo (ConSeRNS).