Simula School of Research and Innovation

Simula provides educational opportunities through the Simula School of Research and Innovation (SSRI). All educational pursuits at Simula, from the master to the postdoctoral level, are organized within SSRI.

Would you like to study with us?

If you have started your master's degree, you can apply to write your thesis with Simula. We offer PhD, Postdoc and Research Trainee positions, which are listed in available jobs whenever there is an opening. Every spring we also announce available internships for the coming summer.

SSRI offers a number of supplementary programs to ensure the development of core transferrable skills in its researchers, the highest levels of international collaboration, and increased engagement in science among the youth in the local community.



Current news

Alessio Buccino from the Summer School tests the waters of San Diego. Photo: Christopher Villongco, UCSD
17 students attended this year's Summer School, a joint venture in Computational Physiology between the University of Oslo, University of California, San Diego, and Simula. ...
Marianne Aasen. (Photo: The Norwegian Labour Party/Flickr)
Member of Parliament, Marianne Aasen, will join Simula as Director of Simula School of Research and Innovation (SSRI) when she leaves Parliament next summer.
Jørn Hurum giving a lecture on how to communicate research to the public (Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim)
The experienced researcher and science communicator Jørn Hurum held an intriguing guest lecture on May 9th on how to communicate research to the public.


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