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Marie E. Rognes. Photo: Simula/Sverre Jarild
Head of the Biomedical Computing Department, Marie E. Rognes, has been awarded the very prestigious ERC Starting Grant. Only seven Norwegian researchers has achieved this so far in Horizon 2020, and...
The percentage of Telenor connections unable to send data during the outage of August 11, 2016. (Illustration:
During the early hours of Thursday, August 11, Telenor Norway experienced an outage that impacted mobile broadband users for several minutes. According to measurements made by the NorNet Edge...
Horizon2020 (Illustration: European Commission)
Simula Research Laboratory has been awarded more than NOK 15 million from the EU framework programme Horizon 2020 for research on data in the cloud, on digital effects in film and on new heart...
Hans Petter Langtagen
This year Hans Petter Langtangen has published four new books. Simula congratulates Langtangen on this achievement!
Dr. Sabita Maharjan (Photo: Sverre Jarild)
According to ThomsonReuter's Web of Science, this places the paper in the top 1% of its academic field...
Simula Research Laboratory is cited 39 percent above the world average within ICT research, is the main finding of a recently published report from the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation,...
Vamsidhar Geddy Raddam
On Thursday 2 June, Vamsidhar Reddy Gaddam defended his PhD thesis Next Generation Broadcasting System for Arena Sports: A Football Stadium Scenario. The defense took place at 13:15 in Storstua at...


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KRONIKK: Vi bruker i stor grad tidligere suksess som indikator for fremtidig suksess. Ledere som har lykkes svært godt betales med millionlønninger. Gründere som har lykkes med tidligere produkter og firma får lettere nye investorer.
Simula Research Laboratory, simula research laboratory
Computerworld Norge
KOMMENTAR: Sak på kan gi feil inntrykk, mener professorene Hole og Ytrehus.
Simula Research Laboratory, Simula
Konsulentselskapene er klare i sin tale: For få klarer å ta ut gevinstene av it-prosjektet. Professor Magne Jørgensen hos Simula kan på sin side fortelle om en betydelig bedring i offentlig sektor.
Computerworld Norge