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Professor Olav Lysne (Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim)
The Ministry of Defense has appointed a committee that are to investigate key issues related to the access to retrieve information from the telephone and data traffic going in and out of Norway. The...
Kjetil Raaen is being congratulated, having defended his PhD
On Monday 7th of March, Kjetil Raaen defended his PhD thesis "Response time in games: Requirements and improvements". The defense took place at 13:15 in Storstua at Simula. ...
MONROE’s objective is to design and operate the first European transnational open platform for independent, large-scale monitoring and assessment of performance of MBB networks in heterogeneous environments.
The MONROE project now accepts proposals in its first open call. Application deadline is March 15, 2016.
A California beach
In conjunction with the University of California San Diego, Simula Research Laboratory is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of our annual Summer School in Computational Physiology.
Jessica Menold teaches a group of students
Simula Research Laboratory welcomes PhD students at Norwegian research institutions to Communicating Scientific Research 2016, a national PhD course on how to efficiently communicate science and...
Lightbulb drawn on blackboard
Following several years of strong participation in the FRINATEK program offered by the Research Council of Norway, Simula has for the second year in row secured five new projects in this very...
Erik Rogstad has defended his PHD
On Friday 29th of January, Erik Rogstad defended his PhD thesis "Automated regression testing of database applications". The defense took place at 13:00 in Storstua at Simula...


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Krav om faktasjekk må også gjelde professorer og akademikere som hevder at norske universiteter er truet av økt markedsretting Dag O. Hessen advarer om at universitetenes rolle som motvekt i et post-fakta samfunn er truet av at de blir
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Teknologileder og investor Silvija Seres (46) advarer norske bedrifter som ikke er forberedt på de teknologiske endringene vi står midt oppe i. - De som føler seg trygge i sin suksessarroganse, følger simpelthen ikke med, sier Silvija Seres,
Digitalisering. HiOAs utdanningskraft og Simulas forskningskvalitet vil sammen besvare en av Osloregionens store arbeidskraftsutfordringer og skape et sterkere kunnskapsgrunnlag for Osloregionen,
Simulas, Simula